Best Air Conditioners for 2021

January 23, 2021
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Best Air Conditioners for 2021

What is the Best AC to Buy for Corpus Christi Homes?

When making a big investment for your home, you need to be sure you make the best choice for your money. Getting a new air conditioner installed is a big investment. But when it comes to getting a high-quality cooling system, it’s an investment that will pay off in more ways than one.

With a new efficient air conditioning system, you will enjoy having better and more consistent cooling throughout you home. You will also see the huge advantage of having a new AC system that is more energy efficient.


If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you should be able to get one that is going to last for more than a decade. This is why quality is so important. You need an AC to work well and efficiently every year you have it.

At Tiger Heating & Air, we see first-hand every day how important a good air conditioner is. We have dealt with air conditioners that did not last very long and other AC units that are very old and only need simple maintenance to keep going strong.

AC installation technician with Trane air conditioner

Quality also comes in play with how much your AC system is going to cost you every month on your energy bill. An air conditioner that runs at higher efficiency means a lower monthly energy bill.

A quality new AC that is professionally installed should also give you peace of mind. This should mean you don’t need to worry about potential breakdowns or other problems that can cause you problems on a very hot Corpus Christi day.

You can help your new cooling system work well for many years to come by ensuring air conditioning maintenance and tune-ups are handled on a regular basis. Most homeowners are able to handle the majority of air conditioner maintenance tasks themselves, but local HVAC companies like Tiger Heating & Air provide professional tune-up services to ensure potential problems do not get missed.


If you are looking to purchase a new AC in 2021, you should investigate different companies. There are many brands of air conditioners and other cooling units that are available to Corpus Christi homeowners. From Lennox to Carrier to Trane and Goodman, there are several well-known companies that create their own air conditioning systems. Which AC brand should you pick?

You can look to a review recently done by the online cooling & heating guide PickHvac, Trane air conditioners score best in most of the top categories. Below is a look at how Trane compares to the other big HVAC manufacturing companies. See their article for the full comparison of Trane vs other AC brands.

Chart comparing best air conditioning brands
Trane HVAC products, quality tested

According to an assessment by Modernize, Trane® is recognized as being a “premium brand that offers outstanding air conditioners, heat pumps, and gas furnaces.” It points out some of the great qualities that make Trane units great such as:

  • Low running costs
  • Great quality for the price
  • Trane is a top homeowner choice
Trane logo


Trane is a trusted company with a very long reputation. Trane has been operating since the 1800s! That is over a century of experience providing homes across the country with cooling options that are of excellent quality.

Trane’s reputation for such high quality in air conditioners and furnaces is the reason why it is the only brand of heating and cooling equipment that Tiger Heating & Air installs. Our technicians are Trane Comfort Specialists, but they are also trained and experienced in servicing and repairing any brand or type of cooling system you have in your home.


Trane “a little ice doesn’t stop us” AC unit frozen to ensure quality

When we say Trane cooling systems are proven and tested, we mean it. No other HVAC manufacturer has gone to the lengths that the Trane company has done when it comes to quality control. Trane has its own engineering department that is focused on the sole task of putting quality to the test.

In fact, Trane has an HVAC testing laboratory here in Texas. Each unit endures Trane’s SEET – Systems Extreme Environmental Test. Each unit endures severe testing of the harsh environments and conditioners that furnaces and air conditioners can face.

Trane tests their HVAC system by intentionally adding years of wear to a unit in just a week’s time. That way you can be sure your new Trane AC will work perfectly year after year.


In addition to efficiency and unit size, you need to find a cooling system that is right for your home and your budget. Trane has several AC units to choose from. We know there are a lot of technical aspects to finding the best AC for your home, and Tiger is here to help. Contact Tiger Heating & Air to get a free estimate on the cooling options that are right for your home and budget.

AC technicians at Tiger Heating & Air with air conditioner in Corpus Christi HVAC shop


Because of Trane’s high standards, Tiger Heating & Air is proud to be the professional Trane HVAC installers here in Corpus Christi and surrounding Texas communities.

Call Tiger at 361-371-7541 to get a free quote for a new air conditioner for your home. From an initial in-home visit to getting any necessary permits and everything in between, you can trust our skilled team of licensed AC technicians to handle every detail of your cooling system installation.

We will go over your AC options. We treat every home uniquely, listening to your specific needs for a new home comfort system. We will be happy to explain the various factors that go into choosing the right new air conditioning system. We help you understand the important aspects of what makes an AC right for your home and your cooling needs so that you have the best information to choose the right system for you.

Call us today for a free quote on getting a quality tested Trane furnace installed in your home – 361-371-7541.

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